Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly LOLs: Oct 4th

SO, I usually only post memes that make me literally LOL, not figuratively, like doubled over at my computer desk at work whilst my office mate looks at me oddly laugh-out-loud. I compile my favorite ones and VOILA, for your entertainments...

Yo momma mixed with the greatest wizards of all time? SURE!

This one especially hits home for me because I am the worst sore loser ever. People refuse to play with me... I alleviate my sore loser issues my simply refusing to lose!

This one is an actual text sent from my friend Melissa to her husband...I immediately made the effort for it to go viral. I did not succeed, but they made it into my weekly Meme list!

HAHA - Ok, Harry Potter book titles for the literature challenged (aka, Americans). Since they had to change the title from its original British "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" so simplify it for us dumb Americans, some genius decided to just translate all the books! 
(BTW, if you need a list of the original titles to compare with the "new" titles, then get off my blog. You are clearly not nerdy enough to be here)


I am not a science person, but my general knowledge allows me to understand the joke, while still enjoying the witty pun. 

This is in no way nerdy, it just made me smile. 

You know you  thought it. Wait, scratch that, you know you SANG it!

I have a new appreciation for Europe. Think Russia would be offended if I decided to visit St. Petersburg, MORDOR??? No really, it is a personal goal of mine to live in Hobbiton and the Shire. Hell, throw Bree in there too! 

Because new weekly Meme week isn't complete without ZOMBIES!!

Hope you enjoyed! And if not, well...its not like I wasted too much of your time right? 

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