Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Busy Nerd Mom Park Workout!

There is no reason why busy moms cannot live the Nerdy Fit lifestyle! With a little heart, dedication, and some quality time at the park with your kids, you can squeeze in a great workout. Do not be shy, but get your workout on loud and proud. Remember, you never know whom you are going to motivate, so lead by example!
Move through the exercises as quickly as possible with very little rest between sets, but keep your movements controlled and work through your entire range of motion for maximum effect. If you are short on time, just do each exercise once for 15 to 25 reps, or if you have more time, circuit your exercises for two to four sets of 12 to 15 reps. Enjoy your journey!

Circuit 1:

Assisted Pull-Ups on Monkey Bars

Place your foot on a step for assistance and grab the bars in either a neutral grip or an overhand grip. Squeeze your back muscles and pull yourself up, using as much upper body as possible and the step as little as possible. 

Bench Push-Ups
These are great for getting full range of motion during your pushups, especially targeting your chest, front delts and triceps. Place your hands on the bench, feet on the ground, and bend your elbows until your chest contacts the bench. Hold that bottom position for a moment, then push back up. Squeeze your abs during the movement and keep your body straight.  For added intensity, do decline push-ups and place your hands on the floor, feet on the bench. 

Bench Step Ups
Step-ups are great at targeting your booty and hamstrings, helping to get you that sexy and strong backside you deserve! Place one foot on the bench and the other on the ground behind you. Push through your heel and step up, finishing in a stand on one leg on the bench. Give and extra booty squeeze at the top position for added benefits. Balance for a moment, then slowly lower back down into a lunge.

 Swing Abdominal Pikes
If you have ever used a TRX or a stability ball, then you know that suspended abdominal exercises are excellent for targeting your abs! Just place your feet in the swing, hands on the ground, and pull you booty up over your head, keeping your legs straight. Lower back down to a straight body push-up position, keeping abs engaged the whole time. For variety,  you can also do these with bent knees in a tuck position. 

Circuit 2:

Hanging Leg Lifts

Hang from a bar, and tuck your knees up to your chest. Keep your movements slow and controlled to avoid swinging. Squeeze your abs and raise your hips and you lift your knees. This keeps the emphasis on your abs and not on your hip flexors. 

High Elevated Split Squat
Split squats are one of the best exercises for the glute-hamstring tie in, and the higher you can get your back leg, the better! Place it behind you on a bench/step/ladder and bring your front leg out so you are in a wide lunge position. Bend you front leg and lower yourself to a deep lunge position, really feeling the stretch in your legs. Make sure your front knee does not pass you toes!

 Bench Dips
Dips are one of my favorite exercises for triceps and shoulders. Keep your body as close to the bench as you can and focus on a deep bend through the elbows. As you straighten your arms, add an extra squeeze to your triceps.

 Bench Side Step Ups
Similar to the forward step-ups, except the side step ups challenge your balance a little more, and place more of an emphasis on your inner and outer legs (adductors and abductors).  Step-up and balance, with an extra booty squeeze, then step down into a deep side lunge.

Circuit 3:

Swing Crunches

These are very similar to stability ball crunches. They require control, helping to activate the deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominus) that act like a girdle on your midsection, helping make your waist appear teenier. 

Deep Step-Ups (assisted)
These are similar to the front-step up, except you get a deeper lunge, which activates the glutes/hamstring tie in better. Find a spot, such as a ladder, where you can place your foot at a level between your hips and knees. Grab the handles to help life yourself, but use as much lower body muscle as possible. At the top position, kick your back leg straight behind you for extra emphasis on glutes. Slowly and with control lower back down.

Bench Jumps
Bench jumps are like box jumps. Be careful with these and take your time because cement benches can be unforgiving on the shins!

Feel free to message me for personal training/nutrition/supplementation questions! :)