Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stairs Workout

This is a post from my Other Blog - which I am trying to bring here, because I only want one! :)

It is getting to be that time of year when getting outside to exercise is a nice change. Here is a stair workout I designed. I will be doing this and similar workouts in group format here in San Diego soon, so contact me for more info :)

Easy Locations for Stairs:

·        Stadiums – Most professional stadiums are closed to public, but I know of some that open on random days specifically to allow exercisers in. Check out your local area. Most high-school and college stadiums and tracks are open to the public.

San Diego Specific:

  1. ·         Tierrasanta has some good stairs right by Serra High school off Clairemont Dr.
  2. ·         Downtown Convention Center
  3. ·         La Mesa Secret Stairs    

Sometimes, it is just necessary to get OUT of the gym! We need a break, the weather is great, and the fresh air is invigorating! Here is a stair workout that is so much more involved, and therefore less boring, than the tradition run-up-and-down-and-skip-steps-occasionally workout. It is a whole complex workout! Take some time and find some stairs in your area that accommodate your needs (at least 3 stories, preferably straight and not winding in a stairwell, but hey, use what you can and make it work! Even if it is simply the stairs in a one-story building)

The Workout

(For time intervals- do the exercise to the top of the stairs, and just run back down to reset at the bottom, and continue until the time ends, unless otherwise specified)


·         3 minutes walking
·         2 minutes jogging

Workout: (recover as needed, try to decrease your own recovery time a little each workout). Stand next to railing for workout and use as an “Oh-Shit-I-Am-Falling” safety rail if necessary.

Circuit: Repeat as many times as you want! J Approx 15-20 minutes with minimal rest

•       1 minute sprints -1 foot per step
•       15 Offset Squat Jumps on each leg
•       1 minute Two Step Run -2 feet per ste
1 minute sprints - skip one step
•       20 push-ups hands on bottom step
•       1 minute sprints - skip one step
•       1 minute each side Crossover side walks
•       20 squats-flat
•       1 minute Sprint – skip 2 steps
1 minute Three Step Run
1 minute Bear Crawl
•       20 triceps dips on bottom step
1 minute Box Jumps
1 minute Walking Lunges up steps
1 minute Toe Taps

Cool Down

·         3 minutes slow walk
Stretch Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves

Video Demonstrations!

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