Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly LOLs: October 11th

Welcome to my second week of Weekly LOLs. That is, my favorite memes and things I have seen across the internet (thank you George Takei!) Here they are this week, for your viewing pleasures...

This isnt funny, but necessary :) Because we ARE the Harry Potter Generation

Truer words were never spoken. Simon Pegg is a genius. I have always embraced my nerdiness, especially when it WASNT cool! (Hey, how many chicks know D&D rules, thanks to COUNTLESS hours watching and playing video games as a child, of which I have my mother and stepfather to thank)

TURTLES RULE! And its Leonardo, my favorite turtle!! 

OMG I used to play countless hours of Tetris on my computer as a kid to procrastinate doing my homework. This is almost disturbing...ALMOST...makes sense tho to the macabre....

MATH HUMOR! This stupid shit makes me LOL

Ok, this is just awesome, my son playing with a Tardis and looking badass while doing so. 

I completely agree with Sheldon, I hate weddings! I even hated my own. I think I only had one to appease the masses

Superheros against iPhones!! (well, technically this is iPhones against Superheros...technicalities..)

Because Star Wars rocks and we all love Obi Wan. Score 1 for Luke

More Star Wars!! Oh, but score 1 for Darth...

YES, give me Aragorn any day over Prince Charming!

Right? you know you would be suffering....

This is not funny, its just awesome! This is in honor of me getting the original Turtles on Amazon this morning.  Scoot over honey, your in the way of my Leonardo Turtle pillow! WANT! 

Now, Here we pay homage to the fact that WALKING DEAD returns this Sunday! TOMORROW!


I am so glad she's dead.

Ok, Technically not a Walking Dead image, but I haven't posted a pic of Nathan Fillion in a while, so it was necessary...

Oh, and plus he is the guest on this weeks TALKING DEAD! BOOYAH! I think I am more excited about that than the actual show! 

And this is a pic that my lovely sis-in-law got us for Christmas last year. I am determined to have the whole collection on our walls ASAP! 

I heart Glen and his lack of puberty!

Oh ya

SO true

Ok, I have a ton of these so I think I will dedicate a whole new post tomorrow to the return of the Walking Dead! SEE YA THEN! 

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