Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My son has a YouTube Channel!

Hey all!

Just letting you know that my son has wanted to be a YouTube gamer for quite some time now, so for Christmas, I surprised him by putting together a YouTube gaming channel for him! I know he would love some subscribers, so please feel free to do so :). I am trying to teach him about committing to a task, and that to be successful at anything, you need perseverance. His job is now to record a few videos a week (easy) but in addition, since he is only 6 (almost 7), if he wants to be a real YouTuber, he needs to learn how to type (which includes spelling and reading better). I want him to learn about dedication to a craft, and that while it is fun, it is also work. Anyway, here are a few of his videos on Minecraft. perfect for kids!

Liam teaching ME how to play Minecraft!   

Building a House Part 1!

Building a House part 2!

Building a House Part 3! Decorating!

Thanks for watching and subscribing! We will be posting more nerdy videos, including costuming, and of course, fitness for nerds, kids, etc! :)