Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Spotlight: Jennifer Armentrout AKA J.Lynn (for the "adults")

Simply speaking, this author is amazing. She has many books of many genres, but that mostly fall into the YA paranormal/fantasy realm (Duh, just look at my blog thusfar). However, she also delves into quoteunquote adult literature (YUM). The thing in common with most of her books is they involve some sort of bad-ass female (a must, in my opinion), some totally swoon worthy male lead (yes please), and the BEST PART? Wait for it….
Cursed cover

Keep waiting….
OBSESSION-final cover-500px

This is the major selling point for me….
Frigid front cover 13jun2013



Ok, let’s be real. At some point in most books there has to be some sort of emotional conflict. I get that, and her Covenant book series toys with a love triangle…but it is never brought to full fruition like many YA books that make the female look like some wishy-washy, weak, wet willowy wimps (like the alliteration? I roll with it), and the males look like domineering, stalker, obsessive compulsive morons who have nothing better to do than fight primitively (not physically fight, that would show some strength and manhood, but fight with vicious JEERS and STARES and NONSENSE) over their one and only beloved woman…No I am not hinting to a particular book series (what that word for dawn? Dusk? Not quite dark? Sparkly? I digress).

In terms of writing, Jennifer “J.Lynn” Armentrout writes in a very relatable way. It is easy to read without being elementary. Plus, she uses quips and phrases that are just funny and sarcastic (hmmm, methinks I like that style). I mean, with a quote like “holy alien babies” it has to be good right? The writing keeps you entertained the whole time, even if there is a lull in the plot point (which there rarely is).

Dual POVs. Awesome. I have never personally been a fan of books with a male point of view, mostly because I am a female, and can relate to female thinking. However, dual POVs is awesome because you get the same brilliant story, told from a completely different perspective. One of the greatest things about Miss J is that she has short stories told from the male POV of some of her most memorable book scenes on her website. So when you have finished reading the book, and have to wait forever and a year for the next one, you can satisfy your urges by visiting her website and reading her stories, adding fodder to your already expanding obsession (which you will be, obsessed that is, which also happens to be the name of one of her ADULT books).

PLETHORA to choose from! This woman must never sleep, because she has a lot of books! I only discovered her back in beginning of 2012 when she had 2 major series she was writing (Lux and Covenant), and now she has tons! All of her books are great, no matter which universe you are in, and each series explores new topics, genres, and themes, while still staying faithful to what makes her style unique.

I have read a ton of books these last 2 years, after taking an almost 10 year hiatus from reading. JLArm is the one author whom I love and look forward to each and every one of her books, like always pre-ordered and anxiously awaiting delivery status.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like YA or Adult fantasy, paranormal, or fiction, try her books. They are great! Individual book reviews coming soon!
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