Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fallout Fitness Challenge! - Level 1 (n00b)

Hey-lo NerdVerse!

    Many of you might possibly be aware of a little game that just released its first new game in 6 years, an insignificant small game called Fallout 4! Well, this is the game that prompted my husband and myself to finally purchase a PS4, and also get the game on my PC as well. (I eventually returned it (thanks Steam!) because I decided to get over my fear of playing games with the PlayStation remote, and decided to woman up and create a PSN profile). ANYWHO… this puts me in a bit of a conundrum… I don’t have any time! That thing called TIME that we all struggle with, I mean, who has TIME to play video games? #sadface #firstworldproblems

    One of my biggest loves is obviously fitness, and my time to go to the gym and work out has been very limited lately. With the release of Fallout 4 - PlayStation 4, plus my 6-year old son who is determined to be a YouTube game, time is fleeting! So I decided to implement FALLOUT FITNESS CHALLENGE! This is similar to traditional drinking games, except, when certain poignant events occur in the game, you (the Gamer) have to pause and take a little time to get off your butt and move!

   Here are your Challenges! (Note: these might change, or be amended, or added to as we continue to play J There is no limit to fitness, much like there is no limit to this Fallout Open World!) These are in NO particular Order:

Kill small creatures – Bloatfly, RadRoaches, Mole Rat, etc… 
     3 Push Ups per kill! Get going and Clear the wasteland!

Kill Larger creatures – Ghouls, Mirelurks, Raiders, etc….
     5 Squats per kill! (Or Tea Bags, after all, this is a gamer game ;)

Kill a DeathClaw
     10 Burpees – As if you needed to get your heart rate up any higher!

Find a BobbleHead or LunchBox
     25 Jumping Jacks – Celebration!

Complete a Quest
     10 Dips – use a coffee table or a chair.

Build a House/Complete Sanctuary Steps
     10 Lunges on each leg

Loading Screen – Walking in and out doors, new rooms, loading saved games, etc….
     Mountain climbers continuously until load ends OR 10 mountain climbers per load if using the Tally System

Use Stimpack/RadAway
     5 Jumping Lunges on each leg and be thankful to be alive.

Use Crafting Station –
     10 High Knee Jog in Place for each item crafted (can alternate with butt kickers in place)

Level Up – The Big Dog!
     10 squat jumps
     10 Jack knife crunches (V Ups) or straight leg lifts
     10 Incline Push Ups (put feet on chair or table)

Have Fun! And Play lots, because the more you play, the better in shape you will get! Please feel free to comment or email me about other games you would like me to create workouts for, or other ideas for Fallout 4!


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