Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Its been awhile...Here is some Nerd Fitness

Yes it has been a while. I have been really trying to start my personal training business, while still prepping for competitions and being a wife and mom, while working full-time for the Military...I am not busy at ALL..../sarcasm. But I miss this, my secret little joy, my clandestine nerdisms, my thing that is MINE and nobody elses in my household (except maybe Robin, my roomate/manny/friend).

We all need to hold onto that little piece of us, so here I am, putting off writing a fitness blog, article, training a client, training myself, etc. so that I can post this lovely picture of Daniel Radcliff (see my hot nerds post), with Malfoy seemingly staring viciously at his junk (thanks Matt for that one, I shall never unsee it now!)

May I add that I can bench more than Malfoy?  (we are just going to pretend its him, even if its not). Just putting that out there ;). Peace out MuscleNerds! I will be back because I have about a zillion /notsarcasm book reviews I have to write!

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