Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nerdy Hotness

Here are a list of the few people that I have developed obsessive nerdtastic crushes on over the years, with NO regards to gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. Just Hotness. (OK, more than crushes. Like, wouldn't kick them out of bed status). Come on, even people who scoff in name of cult culture can appreciate the physical beauty of these specimens. (These are in NO particular order, because who can choose?)

Dean Winchester 
Jensen Ackles
Because his "brotherly" love for his "brother" is such a turn on. 

LeeLoo Dallas Multipass! 
Mila Jovovich
Because she can eat a whole chicken-pill-meal in one sitting and she has a cool accent when shes said GOOD CHICKEN! And one wears tape quite like her

Corbin Dalls
Because he is Bruce Willis....Duh. 

Felicia Day
Because she plays World of Warcraft and is friends with NPH and she can sing! Do you want to date my Avatar?? YouTube it!

Neil Patrick Harris, but he is cool enough that just letters suffice
Because he was like an 8 year old doctor! And he has a sing-along blog! And he is the best gay womanizer EVER!

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Because she is a bad-ass supernatural kicking female with awesome one liners! Plus she has hot boyfriends. And her best friend is a lesbian, who before she knew, dated a hot werewolf. 

Which brings us too...
The Hot Werewolf!
Seth Green
Oz, Robot Chicken, etc. He is just witty and funny, and he is the ONLY time I like werewolves (take that Team Jacob)

Mila Kunis
Because she was a bad ass chick in Book of Eli and a sexy chick in Black Swan. Who didn't picture themselves in a Mila/Natalie sandwich?? But really, Book of Eli sold me. (don't get me started on That 70's Show...her character was just annoying)

Nathan Fillion 
Malcolm Reynolds, Castle
Because BOTH characters are sexy as hell. One brooding space cowboy vs. one cute playboy witty writer. Plus, Castle gets Beckett

Kate Beckett
Stana Katic
Because as Beckett she is a badass strong but not overly-sexualized female lead, but in RL (real-life) she speaks 5 languages, and loves archery and environmental issues. Ill take both Beckett and Stana thank you!

Chris Colfer
or Kurt!
Because I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him there forever. That is where he belongs. 

Daniel Radcliffe
Because a man that is sexually secure enough to play Harry Potter for his whole life PLUS shake his junk on stage NEEDS to be included!

Eliza Dushku
Because Joss Wheadon is a genius and has three TV shows already featured on this list. Not only is she ANOTHER slayer, but she is also Echo, of the Dollhouse, who can be anything she is programmed to be, and that is one sexy badass chick.

Elijah Wood
Because I fell in love with his puny ass in The Good Son, and ever since then his blue eyes just got me! And I am so conflicted because normally I don't go for short hairy wussy guys, but Frodo does it for me! But I am just so badass myself that I don't know if I want guys to protect, or guys to fight along with me. Eh, I digress...

Dean Cain
My Favorite Superman!
Because he is that perfect combination of sensitive and super hero (I guess that's the point?)

George of the Jungle
Brendan Fraser you have eyes?

Johnny Depp
Because, he is Johnny Depp and can play anything. I wasn't going to add him, because he is so mainstream, but he is on the biggest pop culture cult following fandom lists, and he is one of my all-time faves, so I had too :)

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